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What is people search?

A free people search is an easy, convenient way to look up the many public records associated with a particular person

What’s the difference between a people finder and the white pages?

People search engines are essentially enhanced, digital versions of the old white pages phone book. In the pre-Internet era we only had the limited ability to find people’s phone numbers and current addresses. Some people search sites offer you access to tools that delve much deeper; find a person’s email addresses, social media profiles, criminal records - even find out if someone is married.

Full Name / Aliases
Phone Numbers
Email Addresses
Social/Dating Profiles
Marriage Records
Criminal Records

What types of public records does Free People Directory use to help you find people?

People lookup sites use cutting edge technology to scour all corners of the public domain to deliver the information you need in an instant. When you want to delve deeper, you can get efficiently get useful insight taken from county, state, and federal records as well as over 100+ social media sites. Among other sources, some sites get their data from:

White Page Listings
Social Websites
Country Records Offices
We collect these categories of personal information

What types of information can a free people search provide?

We operate under the philosophy that knowledge is power – you need as many data points as possible to help you get the full picture. Our people search results may include a person’s full name, phone numbers (landlines, cell phones, residential phone numbers), and current address information. If you choose to delve deeper, some people search sites may be able to help you find any known aliases, address history, email addresses, relatives and more. Whatever the question you’re asking, we hope to help you get the answer.

People Search

What other information can you get from public records?

Background Check Add-On

Some search sites offer online background checks to give you a deeper overview of a specific individual. Gain access to available contact information, location history, obscure social media profiles, marital status, even their criminal history. You can use it to verify someone’s identity, investigate new love interests, avoid scams and much more. Careful people stay safe by running a secure background check to learn about a new contact’s:

    Court Records
  • Green Check DUI
  • Green Check Property Theft
  • Green Check Drug Possession
  • Green Check Sexual Offenses
  • Green Check Domestic Violence
  • Green Check Child Abuse
Historial Records
    Historical Records
  • Green Check Birth/Death Certificate
  • Green Check Marriage Records
  • Green Check Divorce Filings
  • Green Check Immigration Records
  • Green Check US Census Data
  • Green Check Military Service Records
*Additional fees may apply

How is a name search on Free People Directory better than using Google to find people?

Public records are exactly that - public. Unfortunately, publicly available and easily accessible are completely different things. That’s where we come in. A Free People Directory search offers value by not only saving you time but makes the process easy by constructing multi-layered listings at the click of a button. Sure, you could spend an entire afternoon running Google searches to learn a little bit about a person. Or with one click you could run a Free People Directory search that gives you the contact information you need in just a few seconds. Get the results you need quickly and anonymously - then get right back to doing what you do.

Save Time
Saves Time
More Efficient
Updated Records
Updated Records
Extensive Data
Extensive Data

Who would use a name lookup?

Anybody and everybody. As long as you’re not living under a rock, you probably have a question that can be answered using a name search.

How can a free people search be used?

It varies; college students use people searches to learn more about a first date, parents use them to make sure their neighborhood is safe, and seniors use them for finding addresses to send letters to old friends. Free People Directory users have reunited with college classmates, gotten back together with former military buddies, even located long-lost distant relatives. You can use it to:



Keep your loved ones safe and secure. Make sure that any new friends, associates or romantic partners are worthy of your trust.



Getting back in touch has never been easier. Locate family members, reunite with old friends, or rekindle an old flame.