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Free People Directory is a leading internet people search engine helping consumers find and connect with other people nationwide. We use public record sources across the U.S. to help you find the people-related information you’re looking for. A search with Free People Directory is a quick and easy way to reconnect with an old friend, identify the owner of a phone number or find the residents of address.

Free People Search

If you’re hoping to find information on a person, running a free people search with Free People Directory is the best way to do it. We can help you find their phone number, current address, email addresses and more. Our people finder tool is all you’ll need to reconnect with friends, family or loved ones.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Use our phone number lookup tool to identify the owner of a phone number that’s been trying to reach you. A reverse phone number search is a great way to confirm that a missed call was from a friend rather than a pesky telemarketer or call spammer. Just search by phone number and let us do the rest.

Address Lookup

An address search can be used to find residents and other people associated with a street address. We can also help you find contact information associated with those people in case you need to get in touch. It’s also a great way to verify an address before sending a package.

Public Record Listings

Free People Directory provides public record data like names, phone numbers, street addresses and much more. Don’t waste time searching the white pages, social media or your county records office — run convenient people, phone or address searches with us to find the information you’re looking for.