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Lookup a phone number to reveal name, location, and more.

Searching is anonymous and private.

What is a reverse phone search?

A reverse phone lookup is like using the white pages to find a person’s phone number using their name - but in reverse.

What can you look up with a phone number search?

Reverse phone number searches are used to find a phone owner’s name from their phone number, but there are many other creative ways to utilize it. Lookup a number to help identify telemarketers, spammers and scammers. You can use an old number to find new contact information or current addresses. If you have a saved number but don’t recall the person’s name, a reverse phone search can help you avoid an awkward encounter. Parents even use it to identify whom their child or spouse is communicating with by reverse phone searching numbers on their phone bill. You may discover:

Owner's Name
Service Provider

Where do the reverse lookup results on the site come from?

We aggregate our data from millions of public phone records as well as a wide variety of sources at the county, state and federal levels. Our advanced phone number lookup technology pulls data from billions of records within thousands of different sources to get you the most best results possible in an instant. Use Free People Directory’s public data aggregation capabilities to help you stay informed and know more about all kinds of phone numbers and the people behind them. Some phone number search results come from:

White Pages Listing
Social Websites
Marketing Companies

What can you do with a reverse phone lookup?

Some phone search sites reveal not just the name of the owner but also their current address, email addresses and much more. The tool allows you to lookup cell phones and landlines. If you need help finding out who is calling and why, a reverse phone search is the best way to do it.

What other information can you get from public records?

Background Check Add-On

Some search sites offer online background checks to give you a deeper overview of a specific individual. Gain access to available contact information, location history, obscure social media profiles, marital status, even their criminal history. You can use them to verify someone’s identity, investigate new love interests, avoid scams and much more. Careful people stay safe by running a secure background check to learn about a new contact’s:

    Court Records
  • Green Check DUI
  • Green Check Property Theft
  • Green Check Drug Possession
  • Green Check Sexual Offenses
  • Green Check Domestic Violence
  • Green Check Child Abuse
Historial Records
    Historical Records
  • Green Check Birth/Death Certificate
  • Green Check Marriage Records
  • Green Check Divorce Filings
  • Green Check Immigration Records
  • Green Check US Census Data
  • Green Check Military Service Records
*Additional fees may apply

How is a reverse phone search on Free People Directory better than a Google reverse lookup?

A Google search may identify the location of the phone’s area code, but that’s about all it can do. You want to know who is calling and why they’re calling, in addition to where they’re calling from. You can start to answer these questions by using a Free People Directory reverse phone lookup to search for the owner’s name, their location and the type of phone they’re calling from.

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Updated Records
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