Help / FAQ

Q: Do you guarantee 100% accuracy?

Information on people is constantly changing, and 100% data accuracy is not guaranteed. However, we apply rigorous algorithms to provide the most accurate data available online.

Q: Why can’t I find a person?

If you can’t find a person in our directory, some possible reasons include:
  • We only list people who live in the United States.
  • Our directory does not include children.
  • Some people use services to keep their information hidden.

Q: Are my searches confidential?

Yes, searches are confidential. We neither share nor sell your searches. On occasion, we will aggregate data in order to improve your search experience. Learn more in our Privacy Policy

Q: What do I have access to on Free People Directory?

You can search for people using Name, Phone, or Address. We provide the person’s name, age range, and contact information. We show additional information if we have it, such as neighbors and related people.

Q: How do I report technical issues?

Your input helps us improve our services, and is greatly appreciated. Please use the Contact Us page to:
  • Report technical issues.
  • Ask for assistance in using the web site.
  • Reach out to us regarding business opportunities.
  • Provide feedback.