Reverse Address Lookup
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Search an address to learn about a property and its residents.

Searching is anonymous and private.

What is a reverse address lookup?

A reverse address lookup (also known as an address search or address finder) can be used to find residential property owners, get contact information and learn about nearby neighbors.

What information may be included in a free address search?

All kinds of different useful insight can be gained from running an online address search. Some sites may offer property details (such as estimated home value, previous sale price, year built, living area, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, home type, parking, etc), ownership and resident history, as well as access to useful surrounding area data such as names of neighbors, neighborhood crime figures and local safety statistics. An address search may yield:

Current Residents
Property Owners
Address History
Property Value
Neighborhood Statistics
Contact Information

Where does address information on the site come from?

We use advanced technology to scan all corners of the public domain for housing and transaction records to deliver the address data you need with one click. Address search information can come from a many different places, including county records. Sit back and let us do the hard work so you don’t have to. Here are some of the sources the information comes from:

White Page Listings
Marketing Data
Country Records Offices

What can you do with a reverse address lookup?

You can lookup addresses associated with apartments, condos, co-ops, single-family homes, multi-family homes, and even gated communities. Whether you’re trying to find a neighbor’s name or contact info, looking for a new place to live or just verifying a friend’s current address — all you need to do to start is search the street address in the box above.

What other information can you get from public records?

Background Check Add-On

Some search sites offer online background checks to give you a deeper overview of a specific individual. Gain access to available contact information, location history, obscure social media profiles, marital status, even their criminal history. You can use it to verify someone’s identity, investigate new love interests, avoid scams and much more. Careful people stay safe by running a secure background check to learn about a new contact’s:

    Court Records
  • Green Check DUI
  • Green Check Property Theft
  • Green Check Drug Possession
  • Green Check Sexual Offenses
  • Green Check Domestic Violence
  • Green Check Child Abuse
Historial Records
    Historical Records
  • Green Check Birth/Death Certificate
  • Green Check Marriage Records
  • Green Check Divorce Filings
  • Green Check Immigration Records
  • Green Check US Census Data
  • Green Check Military Service Records
*Additional fees may apply

How is an address lookup on Free People Directory better than a Google search?

You could run a free address search on Google and learn surface-level details like square footage, number of bedrooms and the asking price. What sets a Free People Directory address search apart from Google is that we show you the important people-related information that gives you the full picture. Google won’t show you the names of the owners, display their contact information, and let you see nearby neighbors. Some address lookup sites compile area safety statistics and reveal any nearby sex offenders. An online address search is superior to a Google search for the following reasons:

Save Time
Saves Time
More Efficient
Updated Records
Updated Records
Extensive Data
Extensive Data

Who uses address finders?

All kinds of people, both private and professional.

How do they use reverse address searches?

Safety-conscious homeowners use address lookups to explore their neighborhoods remotely in order to see if there are any sex offenders or other criminals in the area. Savvy house hunters get a leg up in negotiations by researching the history of the property (and its owners) and drawing their own conclusions about what might be motivating them to move. Real estate agents run address searches to get contact information for homeowners who might be looking to sell. Even if you’re only seeking something as simple as verification of residency to mail a package, a reverse address search can help you get answers. Among others, address searches are used by:



Mothers and fathers nationwide use address searches to provide peace of mind that their neighborhood is safe for their children.



Real estate agents and other homebuyers use reverse address lookups to learn about a property and the surrounding area.

How can I use a reverse address lookup?

If you’re in the market to buy or rent a new place, do your homework by running a reverse address search. Some address search sites can show you the estimated value of the home, previous sale prices, and other insightful property details (lot size, bedrooms, amenities, parking, etc) you need to make an informed decision. You can also use it to find the name and phone numbers of a current resident, tenant, or property owner to help you get in touch. If you’ve already found home sweet home, address search sites can also be useful for connecting with neighbors or just learning more about them (including address history, social media profiles, even criminal records). Some reverse address searches will also show you comprehensive neighborhood crime and safety statistics — they may even reveal nearby sex offenders.